Kinesiology taping 

When Kinesiology tape is applied, it has 3 main effects:


Fluid Effect: By producing decompression, the tape encourages a more normal fluid dynamic. Swelling is able to out of the area more easily, attracting toxins which result from inflammation and injury. In addition to this, the blood has less resistance to battle in order to get to the injured area, so it can bring more oxygen and nutrients vital for healing and recovery.

Mechanical Effect: As compression on the most superficial aspect of tissue between skin and bone is reduced, more normal slide and glide mechanics between the layers of tissue is restored. It is likely that this is the mechanism that can make someone who can only bend as far as their knees touch their toes in an instant!

Increased Proprioception:  Applying tape stuck to your skin stimulates receptors within the skin called mechanoreceptors. These receptors play a part in our movement awareness (proprioception), but become less responsive when injured. Kinesiology tape can help enhance proprioception to help limit the risk of re-injury.  



By applying kinesiology tape, which hasmore elastic recoil than other tapes, functional stability and tissue ‘snapback’ are enhanced.

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