Functional Movement Screening 

Injury or pain can disturb how you move during day-to-day activities and can be the catalyst to seeking help. Assessing different functional movements is an important part of targeting any issues or problems that you may have; you’re only as strong as your weakest link. We believe it is important to focus on the delicate relationship between joints and muscles in the body because, whether you are participating in a sports match or completing tasks at home, your body movement involves a range of structures in what’s called a kinetic chain. It's in your functional movement screening that we assess your body's movement patterns and from this we can help tailor our treatments to your body’s functional needs.  

At Kinetic we screen your movement patterns to make sure that we are not only addressing your primary complaint, but also any predisposing causes to your discomfort. Modifying how you move can provide long-term pain relief by reducing negative stress through joints, and make you move more efficiently. 

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